4/28 unit 3 reflection

The medium I chosen for the assignment was power point. I chose this medium for multiple reasons. The first was this medium I had the most experience using, the second reason was the blog site I been using through out this semester only allows you to post images and documents while using the free version of the site. If I chosen to make an imovie I would of have to purchase the upgraded account. The third, final and most important reason I chose power point as my medium was because it best related to my projected audience. My audience for this project is businesses looking to add an IT security branch. My unit 2 project was written as a security report to a businesses’ managers and my unit 3 assignment was designed to be a presentation given to upper management of companies looking to add an IT security department or as a presentation to show companies with out a IT security department the importance and need for one.

Looking through my peer review comments throughout this class the comments made by Danika Van Niel helped me out the most. To start I did not take a writing class since first semester freshman year and since then I just been writing engineering papers which is very different then this class. One of the greatest difference between the two is the use of quotes in your writing. In the unit one peer review comments Neil states “You already did a good job of deconstructing the different articles/video, I just think that you should add in some direct quotes into your summaries in order to help boost your grade.”

After seeing this I really tried to connect more with the direct quotes I decided to use throughout my projects. (It is almost ironic because in this reflection I have to use a direct quote) After reading this comment I would search throughout my sources and find quotes that expanded on my ideas and was key in making why I choose that source in the beginning. When I read through my projects after adding these quotes I saw how much this improved the strength of my projects and how the use of direct quotes from reputable authors adds strength to your writing. Which is key in assignments 2 and 3. One of the strongest quotes I had in assignment 2 was a direct quote from an IT security engineer. “today people in my field only know what hackers can already do and we work hard to prevent them or anyone else to do it again. But there is always going to be a different threat that we can not prepare for” This quote I felt added a lot of depth to my unit 2 assignment because I came from a real person that I got through a face to face conversation. I feel like in this method you get the true meaning of the ideas from the author. Also if you have any uncertainties with the topic you can just ask a follow up question.

I was having trouble in submitting my translation to my projected audience because I am not in contact with many upper management of businesses but what I was in contract with was multiple business majors with hopes to becoming managers of different businesses, as well as people in the It security field. So what I did was first I gave them a pitch of the importance of It security in the future and how it is effect us today. From here I was able to grab their attention. After I had their attention I was able to show them my power point for the unit 3 assignment.

I received I range of interest of the people I showed. Most of them just gave me the light of day a favor and a medium to bounce ideas off of. But the one person I got the most feedback from was a freshman engineer who had a little knowledge of the field and a interest to know more. This gave me the chance to basicity teach him the little knowledge I gained through out the length of this course.

During this conversation I started off by asking: How often do you use your phone throughout the day? Then I asked do you do your banking or online shopping on your smart phone? From her I was to relate the topic to him and how he can fall victim to a hacker. I found this to be a great method to get on the same page as your projected audience. If I had the ability to be in front of my real projected audience I would use this same tool to connect with them before I start my presentation. Then I would state my pitch of “Are we becoming too reliant on technology and opening ourselves to cyber attacks both foreign and domestic?” from here I had an open dialogue with my audience. Which allowed my to show him my translation.

After the presentation of my translation I was able to connect to him about the importance of It security. Since I wasn’t giving my translation to my real project audience but instead I freshman at Syracuse. I modified my thoughts slightly. Instead of putting emphases on the financials of the business I instead spent more time showing in the future job opening in the field of It security. I decided to modify this slightly to connect more with my current audience. This also shows strength in my translation, the strength being the ability to modify the base translation to reach multiple audiences. This will allow greater usefulness of the translation in the real world.

Ideally I would like to see my audience respond by setting up an appointment to meet face to face or through some kind of face time. In order to give them the full presentation with Q and A and also have the opportunity to go deeper in each slide then just what can be read. Finally after this the final end goal will be to have that company create or improve their IT security branch of their company.


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