4/7 Blackfish

Review: https://www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide/movies/blackfish-movie-review/2013/07/24/63e20c48-f0b8-11e2-a1f9-ea873b7e0424_story.html

In 2013 blackfish was realest by CNN films. It is a documentary that shows the life and mistreatment of killer whales that are held in captivity at sea-parks. In resent months this documentary has been in the news and brought to the publics eye the horrors and mistreatment of killer whales at sea parks. This film has ties with the Sea world saying its no longer going to bread killer whales and the days of whale shows are numbered. In 2013 Michael O’Sullivan wrote a review on this film in it he states “It’s upsetting and scary to watch the footage of orca attacks collected in “Blackfish,” a damning documentary about the treatment of the animals by marine parks, where they have long performed water tricks in front of paying customers.” Through this quote O’Sullivan was able to summarize the film and place her opinion on the film. This is an important skill because it allows the writer the connect with the reader and it also allows people who did not watch the film have a sense of what is going on and can understand the remaining of the article. Which is very important when dealing with the genre of reviews. Next O’Sullivan goes farther and talks about the aftermath of the film. She talks about SeaWorld’s response to blackfish, “the public relations firm 42 West, which was hired by SeaWorld to respond to “Blackfish,””. Then he also compares this documentary to “super size me”, a documentary showing the affects of McDonalds. Stating how each company handled their similar situations differently and the resulting affects of how they handle the situation.


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