3/10 unit two draft

Question: Are we becoming to reliant on technology and opening ourselves to cyber attacks both foreign and domestic?


In the past fifty years technology has became a vital part of society. Today nearly every business, adult and child relies on technology in his or her daily lives. In some cases people cannot make it through the day without there devices. With this reliance on technology businesses and people are susceptible to cyber attacks, identity theft and government surveillance. In one incident in 2015 millions of social securities numbers were hacked in the Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield hack. Even with the increasing risk of cyber attacks, people’s reliance on technology is increasing with the new advancements made every year. This reliance will continue to grow as long as the new technology made every month continues to make peoples lives easer.

In the past decades technology has became a vital part of any business in order to increase efficiency.


  • Increase use of technology in businesses: to show how business are shifting from multiple people working with few machines to few people maundering multiple machines, and how they are shifting there books from paper to digital, This is allowing two forms of attacks one having hackers have the ability to steal sensitive information like patents and trade secretes and allowing hackers to steal personal information and bank accounts, before the digitation of their books to securer this information you only needed to shred paperwork or place in it a secure location. Now anyone with a computer and the proper skills can assess all your information. (Vegas hack)
  • Increase use of technology in people’s lives: people use of smart devices and computers are increasing and a high rate. Also they are required to do most of their banking and bills paperlessly. This is putting your information at risk. (blue cross blue shield hack)
  • Increase risk of cyber attacks
  • Money behind cyber attacks
  • Identity theft
  • Government surveillance: the idea of identity theft and business being hacked is not the only negative effect of the increase used of technology. With the increase use of technology opens the doors for allowing government agency to spy on people. (patriot act, 60 minutes video)
  • Conclusion

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