3/8 unit 2 Library

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I was introduced to libraries at a very young age. When I was about six or seven my community library went under a huge renovation and after they offered a young reader summer camp thing. Which was designed to pair children with librarians to help children learn about the library and get their first library card. Which at the time I thought was a big deal. After then renovations my library also had a play set in the middle of the library during the summer, which made the library a place where you wanted to be when you are 6. Looking back on it this it was a great experience to have the opportunity to learn about the library and how the books at such a young age. It definitely helped out when I got to high school.

I have a love hate relationship with the libraries here at Syracuse, I love to hate them but to be honest it for some pretty bad reasons. First I’m the sort of person where I cannot concentrate if it is silent. (I know I’m weird) but this is not the worse part about the libraries here at Syracuse. For me is that every time I go to bird to print something out or use the scanners the library is empty but then the times when you actually want to use the library to study or meet up for a group project the library is packed with people and you cant find a seat. But I guess that’s the time when everyone has stuff to do. But all in all bird is a great resource we have here on campus.




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