3/1 Unit Two Questions

  •  Is the internet becoming a necessary evil in today’s world?
  • Are we becoming to reliant on technology and opening ourselves to cyber attacks?
  • Where will we be in 50 years if we continue this trend in mechanizing the work force?

I asked these questions in person to multiple people with different backgrounds included students in the ischool, Whitman, and both foreign and domestic students. I found based on their field of interest they had a lot more to say about each question I purposed to them. Each person I interviewed had a similar response with the main idea being we are taking steps as a society to become technology dependent society resulting in leaving ourselves vulnerable in multiple ways. Including cyber attacks, loosing jobs to mechanized systems and allowing a new form of bulling. The person that had the most interesting response to the question I asked was a senior studying IT security in the Ischool. He went into a very deep conversation about what he sees the effects on technology and this resulted in asking this person the remaining two questions. (His response to the 2nd question is below.) Even with his knowledge about each question the main points brought up by him were similar to the ones brought up by people who have less knowledge in this field. This is showing that this is a very important topic and is relatable to almost every person. One thing I noticed when asking these three question was to response length and knowledge decreased with the questions asked (possible because the 2nd and 3rd questions take a little more knowledge on the subject then the first). Also that with question 2 and 3 most people were relating them to Sci-Fi then real world applications.


“Nearly every business, student and even the very youth in our society is extremely reliant on technology and in some cases can not go through a day without the use of the technology.  Because technology is all around, everyone has opened themselves to cyber attacks not only on their businesses but also on them personally in the fact that millions of social securities numbers were hacked in the recent Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield hack of 2015. Humans are absolutely becoming too reliant but there is nothing stopping them due to technology advances and the need to have easier lives.”


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