2/9 Technology Takeover


Humans Need Not Apply

Flash point: “Humans are smart but mainly lazy”

This short video (15 minutes) illustrates how technology is replacing humans in the work force in multiple ways, from low-income jobs to highly respected professional jobs. This video is separated into five sections, Physical labor, Automobiles, the shape of things to come, professional jobs and creatively bots. Throughout each section the author illustrates how human labor is becoming out dated for multiple reasons. The two main reasons is looking at it economically and the other being efficiency. Focusing in on the economically view in each section discussed to it is cheaper for a bot to do a job then a person. For example in almost every grocery store today there is multiple self checkout lines where ten years ago people would be manning those lanes. The main reason for the shift is it is cheaper to buy ten bots and hire one person to watch them, and then pay ten people to do the same job. But this idea does not stop in labor jobs; bots are also seen in fields like law and medicine. In most law firms today bots are used to perform the majority of lawyers’ tasks outside the courtroom. For two main reasons again because of economics but also the reason that bots don’t make mistakes because bots don’t get tired, board or distracted. Robots are able to do this not because they are designed by engineers to do so, but instead they are able to learn on there own. This opens the opportunity for people to become out dated. Just look at IBM’s Watson.


Youth and the (potential) power of social media



Flash point: “Now, a politically and technologically event- filled quarter century away from the theorists, the whole world is digital, China is wealthy,
her people are major adopters of technology.”

In Sheila Allisons Article “ Youth and the (potential) power of social media” She describes the power that social media has on the world and the people that know how to wield it the best is the youth across the world. She focuses in on couple of examples that support this idea. One idea that she address and can be seen affecting the U.S today is the power that China has and gained in the past 50 years. China is a leading country on technical advancements and through these advancements they are gaining control in the global setting. She also explains how the Chinese people accept technology as a part of there daily lives and use it for their betterment. Another example she uses to support her argument was the use of social media by the youth during the “Arab spring” of 2011. Social media played a vital roll in the Egyptian uprising as a vital organizational tool. After this uprising social media in the Middle East seen an fifty percent increase in citizen use. Stating its “empowering me to influence change in my country” Through this alone one can see the power that social media has on the population.


The Flight From Conversation


Flash point: ““alone together.” Technology-enabled, we are able to be with one another, and also elsewhere”

Sherry Turkle’s “The Flight From Conversation” was published in the New York Times on April 21, 2012. In this article she discusses the over use of technology in every day life. People are becoming depended on technology and losing the basic social skills required to interact with other people. One quote that stands out and supports this idea is ““Someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn how to have a conversation.” A 16-year-old boy said this. This perfectly illustrates the negative side of technological advancements. We has a civilization are becoming dependent on technology to live our daily lives. We would rather have a simplified conversation over a messenger then a slowly developing face to face conversation. This again results in a minimization of human interactions. One has to think how is this going to affect people in generations to come. Another observation Turkle made was how people are becoming more confortable with interacting with artificial intelligence systems then there own family members. Can this lead to a dis trust in humanity?




One thought on “2/9 Technology Takeover

  1. I thought you did a good job picking the two articles that you did, they connected well with the overarching idea that you picked. I do have to say that I think you can make your summaries better.
    First I would like to point out to you that in the Unit 1 Portfolio Assignment Sheet it says that we will be graded on a set of evaluation criteria, and number 3 includes “Do they engage with direct quotes from the source?”. You already did a good job of deconstructing the different articles/video, I just think that you should add in some direct quotes into your summaries in order to help boost your grade.
    Second, I think that you could tie in your overarching idea a bit more. I can see the connections that you made, especially after reading the title of the post (which leads me to another grading point, in our titles we need to write the date they were due then the original title so yours would be 2/4 TECHNOLOGY TAKEOVER this is under Blog Specifics in the assignment sheet) . But personally I think it’s always better to make it obvious to the reader. I think if you added just a few more sentences at the end of each summary wrapping up your ideas and making sure that the reader definitely sees the connection between the three summaries that it would improve your already good summaries.
    Lastly, I would like to point out that you have some small editing errors. For example in your last summary you say “we has a civilization” instead of have. This isn’t a huge deal and everyone makes mistakes like this but it would be a good idea to read it over slowly since it can be hard to pick out our own mistakes.
    Great job!
    Danika Van Niel


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