2/4 how Addicted are you to your social media?

Lets find out

Start off by taking this little quiz and see where you stand.




On this quiz I got “you are not addicted to social media”, which I thought was a fair assessment mainly because I only have a couple forms of social media and not a big user. The results of other people taking this quiz I found very interesting. First starting local I had some of my roommates and friends take this quiz and majority of them got “you are addicted to social media” but they wouldn’t classify them self’s as addicted to it . This makes a lot of sense because today the norm is being on Facebook, snapchat, instagram and twitter and no one thinks am I spending too much time in my virtual world. Then observing the larger results posted by the author of the quiz only about ten percent of people who took the quiz are addicted to social media. This is interesting but makes sense based on the unknowns of the results posted by the publisher of the quiz. We don’t know the demographics of the people who took the quiz. According to research and public data younger people tend to use social media about thirty percent more then older individuals. (This can be seen above) A question to ponder is. If we are this addicted to social media when it become popular in middle school. How is this affecting the youth in America? Are they at risk of losing basic social skills?


One thought on “2/4 how Addicted are you to your social media?

  1. I really enjoyed this post! I took the quiz and also got that I am not addicted to social media. I really liked all of the information that you posted in the beginning of the article, but I feel like you could have limited it a bit more than you did, or at least broke it up a bit. In my opinion I think that it was too much without any breaks, but again I thought it was very relevant and added something special to the article.
    I also liked what you wrote about the survey, talking about how we shouldn’t take statistics for granted. My only critique is that I thought that there were quite a few editing errors that could be easily fixed. I think this was a good survey to pick, and I’m sure that it helped you formulate ideas for topics for our unit 1 project.
    Danika Van Niel


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