1/28 What I Explore: Eurotrip Spring 15

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When they say a picture is a thousands words people always think ” wow really this cliché again” but looking back on where I was this last year that saying holds true because not what these photos have in them but because of the stories, memories and meaning behind the photo. I had to the opportunity to explore Europe see things that most people only see in a textbook. Out of everything I did and now I look back on it the most valuable thing is my memories and lessons I learned while traveling. From understanding a new culture to how to find my way back home not being able to communicate with the majority of the people there. But now focusing in on just the photo it self, we see how people can see the world through your eyes and then at the exact same time make their own opinion that can be completely different from the intensions just by their personal perspective or the perspective of the photo. This is a great tool for the photographer. By cropping a photo or only capturing one portion of an event the photographer can alter the views’ thoughts on an event. This can be to prove a hypotheses or for a politically agenda. One example of this of the photo of Syrian refugees (original source unknown) floating around on the web, where in this photo a man standing in the water. This shows the power of an image has on people views of an event. One is of refugees drowning ( the white box) and the other image people can see a man standing in the possible setting up the photo shot. The only fact that can be drown from this is the truth will always be grey. IMG_8867


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